Harvard Law professor leads Rockefeller jury as foreman

28758-Rockefel-thumb-100x79.jpgDeliberations in the Clark Rockefeller case entered a fourth day Thursday and new information emerged about the eight-woman, four-man panel and its deliberations.

The jury foreman is a Harvard Law professor which could make reaching a verdict a painful and un-fun experience….probably a guarantee in there that the foreman’s working on a book to go with as well…might as well milk it…

Anyway the jury was instructed Wednesday on the finding it must reach to conclude that Rockefeller is guilty in the kidnapping. Here’s what Judge Frank Graziano said:

“The Commonwealth does have to prove the defendant could appreciate the criminality or legal import and the wrongfulness or moral import of his conduct,” Gaziano told the jurors. “Further, when you asked ‘Or can the Commonwealth meet its burden by proving just one of these?’ The answer to that question is no.”

In other words Rockefeller’s got to know that what he did was morally wrong and illegal…


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