Verdict in Rockefeller case — Guilty

Jurors have reached a verdict in the trial of Clark Rockefeller, accused of parental abduction in Boston.

Guilty of parental kidnapping, guilty of assault using a dangerous weapon, not guilty of battery, not guilty of furnishing a false name.

Rockefeller, whose real name is Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, is a person of interest in a 1985 missing persons case in San Marino.
Rockefeler is in court now. Jurors have been deliberating since Monday afternoon.
It remains to be seen what effect the verdict will have on California authorities who suspect Rockefeller in the 1985 disappearance of John and Linda Sohus and their possible slayings.
Rockefeller, as Christopher Chichester, lived in a home with the Sohuses on Lorain Road in San Marino.
Rockefeller faces a lengthy sentence in Boston for the kidnapping verdict. Sentencing will take place at 2 p.m. Eastern
Defense lawyers for Rockefeller hoped to earn an acquittal for their client on the theory he was insane.
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