A call to end the brown-on-black violence

From KABC this afternoon, after leading with a reference to a recent Duarte incident, where a black family was targeted by Hispanic gang members, the story continued:

“We want a public campaign to ostracize those small groups of people that would try to draw a wedge between black and brown in this city,” said Leon Jenkins, NAACP president.
Jenkins, along with other local African-American leaders, is reaching out to Latino leaders with an invitation for both communities to work together to end “brown on black” and “black on brown” attacks.

“We’re opening up a dialogue with our Hispanic brothers and sisters,” said Jenkins. “Secondly, we will file a formal complaint with the FBI, and we will put the city of L.A., the district attorney’s office, and the county sheriff’s office, that we want vigorous re-enforcement and enforcement of the law against all hate crimes.”

Leaders in both communities don’t want to focus on the tension between the groups, saying there many more blacks and Latinos who get along than those who don’t, but in a recent FBI raid, 147 gang members from a notorious Latino gang were arrested in Hawaiian Gardens. Among the allegations against them, was that they specifically targeted blacks.

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  • Yeah Right

    Think gangsters are going to listen to that plea? I don’t think so, this guys just running his mouth at a problem that’s not going anywhere until we get rid of gangs…all of them. Make gang membership a crime and tossing all these idiots in jail forever is the only answer, or accept more murders of innocent people in the future.