El Monte developer suspected of financial crimes

EL MONTE — The developer behind a proposed $1 billion transit-oriented project in the city was in custody Sunday night on suspicion of fraud and embezzlment, among other charges, authorities said.
John Leung, President and Chief Exectuive Officer of The Titan Group, was arrested Friday night by El Monte Police officers on suspicion of forgery, embezzlement, grand theft, burglary and fraud, Police Chief Tom Armstrong said. Leung, 53, was being held at the Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles on $1 million bond.
His El Monte-based development company is in exclusive talks with the city to build the El Monte Transit Village — a 65-acre residential and commercial complex planned for Santa Anita Avenue off the 10 Freeway.
Armstrong said Sunday Leung’s case did not in any way involve the city.
“This investigation is ongoing and the victim is not the city of El Monte … but a private citizen,” he said. “That is where we are with it right now.”

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  • Nabi

    Okay since we are finally revealing the corruption let’s connect the dots. Who pushed for the Transit village legislation in Sacramento? who worked with Leung to establish the language and that his company the Titan Group would benefit from the Assembly bill? Who has received thousands in campaign contributions? Who’s congressional campaign was hosted to a Coffee with Your Congressional Candidate? None other that Judy Chu. Follow the money people there is a web site known as the federal campaign disclosure oh and by the way I guess Leung will have to wait in line due to the fact that another felon by the name of Tei-Fu Chen is waiting for his $2400. What are we to think a lack of judgment? a disregard to ethics? a pattern of “Pay to Play” Well I am glad that we have a run off election set for July 14 now we can really examine the background of the Judy Chu candidacy and not rush cause to me it looks like Judy Chu is banking on the ignorance of tax paying residents from El Monte.
    Wake up people!

  • annon

    There was a horrendous drive-by shooting in La Puente just this morning (June 23 8 a.m.). Industry Sheriff’s Department investigated and made arrests. A family and several kids were targeted – they were all home, including a newborn. The house was sprayed with bullets and the father was standing on his porch with one of his daughters. He had to dive on top of his daughter to keep her from being hit. This is ridiculous and outrageous! When is the La Puente City Council & Mayor going to get their crime under control. THE VALINDA CORRIDOR IS OUT OF CONTROL AND THE VARIOUS ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE RESPONDING LIKE IT’S BUSINESS AS USUAL! PLEASE ASK THEM TO ACT WITH URGENCY AND RESPOND WITH A PURPOSE!

    Thank you,