MS13 indictment shows pattern of homicide, drug dealing and intimidation

An FBI investigation that lead to the federal indictment of several members of MS13 details murders, drug deals, robberies and witness intimidation that even in dry legal language is quite chilling.

Here’s a copy of the indictment issued today:
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  • 211Guy

    God, I Love it when the SGVN posts Federal Indictments on the internet, cuts out b.s. comments & opinions, this is the stuff epic movies are made but sadly they leave a trail of dead bodies behind them. Also liked that comment about the ‘Candle Man’ in El Monte peddling candles and empty beer cans on Valley Bl.
    Keep up the good work

  • 211Guy

    Roll Over time…. Feds working overtime cleaning up Organized Drug gangs, past 2 weeks Feds have rounded (indicted hundreds of street gang trash) every time they do they roll over (snitch off for a jail cookie)
    more thug drug gangs. Check out todays ‘San Bernardino Sun’ 6-26, “88 EME criminals hooked up, more to come.” and printed their names (relatives of EMF?).
    Great work guys!.

  • Gary Muller

    All here illegally I’m sure, Off with their f___king heads, now close the damn border now!