UPDATED: Mother arrested in connection with shooting, daughter placed in protective custody

UPDATE: Sheriff’s officials confirmed Sunday that this shooting is apparently an extension of the ongoing violence between the Bassett Grande and Puente 13 street gangs. The suspect in the shooting, a juvenile, is believed to be a member of Puente 13, authorities said, while the wounded man, estimated to be in his 20s, is believed to be a member of Bassett Grande.

29316-LP shooting 6-26-09-thumb-300x224-29315.jpgLA PUENTE — A teenage girl who allegedly drove a car with her young daughter in the back as a teenage boy passenger carried out a drive-by shooting was in jail Saturday, authorities said.
The mother was initially detained as officials examined her involvement in the shooting and was ultimately booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon along with the male suspect, sheriff’s officials said.
The girl was taken into protective custody, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lt. Steven Katz said. She appeared to be a toddler.
The shooting occurred about 7 p.m. Friday in the 13800 block of Amar Road.
A Latino man estimated to be in his 20s was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition, sheriff’s and fire officials said.
Though officials initially reported the shooting was not a drive-by, Katz said Saturday that “Shots were fired from a (passing) vehicle at pedestrians.”
Several other people who may have been with the wounded man when he was shot had not been located Saturday, he added.
Due to their age, the suspects’ names were not released, Katz said, and a their ages and cities of residency were unavailable Saturday. The relationship between the male and female suspects was also unclear.
The incident was believed to be gang-related, Katz said, and may have been related to ongoing violence between the Bassett Grande and Puente 13 street gangs. The gang affiliations of those involved in the shooting were not available Saturday.
The female suspect crashed the car into a curb and pole just after the shooting, but no one was seriously injured in the crash, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Gerard Velona said.
The alleged shooter fled on foot but was quickly captured, he addded. A gun was located in a nearby yard.
The attack was the 26th La Puente-area shooting reported this year, and the 6th reported this month.
About a dozen of this year’s shootings are believed to be connected to the Bassett Grande street gang, which officials said is trying to exploit perceived weakening of the Puente 13 street gang and expand its territory.

See original posting for more information.

PHOTO: Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials investigate the scene of Friday’s shooting in the 13800 block of Amar Road.

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  • 211Guy

    Just waiting for comments on this one!,to add to movie video script in progress, don’t hold back boys let the world know what you think.
    Bonnie, of Boonie & Clyde, was probably the only one in the tribe that had a drivers license and insurance.Baby in back?, ain’t mine,(couple of rocks in diaper).

  • thatguy

    The Tribune has long been home to irrresponsible journalism; mostly because (on their view) they only have responsibility to the businesses who buy their ads, the local politicians who provide much the papers content and the local police departments who the local reporters suck up to for information. How, exactly, does airing street gang rumor/news/ in a local paper help the issue? It doesn’t. This might be a set up for a gang injunction/sweep which indiscriminately rounds up people in the area for any perceived (recent or past) gang affiliation.

    As to the paper’s crime reporters, they run and tell and print that which is sensational without any regard for the consequences. They’re just burning ink and paper and collecting a check.

  • MIKE

    Hey its just summer time in the SGV thats what happend every summer in the valley i was raise all my life n BASSETT and its a common thing up there i since moved out but still go visit my family out there love that city would not of trade it if it wasnt for the hard econimical times

  • Chata

    Hey thatguy,

    So explain why news about murder and shithead thugs running the streets where people are trying to live and raise families is a bad thing?

    Fuck the gangbangers and fuck you.