Mongols under close watch in Azusa when Pico Rivera shooting occurred

This from the “Aging Rebel” blog, which adds some context to several of the stories we’ve reported about the triple homicide in Pico Rivera Saturday night:

Last week the Azusa, California Police Department issued a “tactical alert” that the Mongols were planning a party at a restaurant on Foothill Boulevard, old Route 66, in Azusa. When the partiers arrived they were greeted by a command center and officers from the Montebello, Azusa, Glendora, Arcadia and Monrovia Police departments. The Mongols and friends were also surveilled by a Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department helicopter.

A source has alleged that ATF Case Agent John Ciccone and another well known “outlaw motorcycle gang investigator” named Chris Cervantes both attended the event with their special spy cameras. Cervantes works for the Montebello police and his hobbies include the Mongols.

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  • 211Guy

    Frank, Is that the end of the article or is there a Part 2?

  • 211Guy

    Frank, Is that the end of the article or is there a Part 2?, “his Hobby is the Mongols?. That’s dumber than having Bank Robberies as a hobby.

  • Mitzi Garcia Uribe

    Hello my name is Mitzi and I went to high school with Tony. I just want to say how wonderful of a person he was with a great since of humor. I actually haven’t seen him in years but I’ll never forget him. Godbless his family and friends. He’ll be missed alot! Sincerely, Mitzi

  • Miguel

    Anyone besides Girardot remember “Engineer Bill” on a kids T.V. black & white program back in the ’50s?, his famous theme was ‘Red Light -Green Light’ to teach kids Stop & Go traffic signals and also how to drink milk for breakfast. Well it’s a shame our local thug gangsters in Pico didn’t learn from it, they can’t tell or understand the difference; pendejos.
    Now word is Shooters are ‘Greenlighted’ EME has no mercy for morons.