Toonerville crew arrested in connection with Mongol slaying

LAPD Press Release: 
On October 8, 2008, at 1:55 a.m., Manual Martin was riding his motorcycle on the eastbound 210 Freeway while transitioning to the southbound 2 Freeway in the city of Glendale.  A car pulled up next to him, and within a few seconds, the occupants fired thirteen shots. Martin was shot once in the chest and died within minutes.  Seven additional bullets hit his motorcycle.  The Glendale Police Department investigated the murder and identified the suspects as members of a local street gang.  Their investigation also revealed that the gang was responsible for other crimes.  
This from the Associated Press: 
Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton says officers have arrested 19 members of one of the city’s most violent gangs. 
The arrests Thursday by Los Angeles and suburban Glendale police  were the result of a 10-month investigation of the Toonerville gang.
After a member of the Mongols motorcycle gang was gunned down on Interstate 210 last
October, Glendale police used a wiretap and discovered key evidence that led to the arrests.
Police say four murder suspects, four attempted-murder or assault suspects and 12 drug
suspects were arrested in the early morning raid. Police found 48 guns in one house and 63 guns in all.
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  • John Galt

    Strange Twist….. A.H. vs A.H., there is a God. Now what in the hell is a ‘toonerville’?.

  • Toonerville Rifa 13 – Gang in Glendale. Been around since the ’40s. La Eme pretty much owns them.

  • John Galt

    It always appears all these vatos watched to many cartoons as kids just look at their silly aka’s, really hard to take them serious in the real world. La Eme always reminded me of ‘The Enema’ and the EM’Flowers’ is a whole new story.

  • unknown

    big bad varrio toonerville rifa 13 gang tujunga dukes click

  • robert

    this is for john galt, its easy to run yur mouth when yur cozy safe in yur house . and pretty much clueless and wreckless what you say about a neighborhood thats more then just a gang. cause if u ran yur mouth over there i promise yull be shitting yur pants. theres families there that goes back at least 5 generations and not everyone is a gangbanger in toonerville. and if u want to know where toonerville got its name from a trolly that use to run thru the neighborhood called the toonerville trolly. there are respectable families there and im proud to grow up there as a proud mexican american.

  • Anonymous

    tooner ville rifando in the big crazy eastside of phoenix

  • Anonymous

    tooner ville rifando in the big crazy mississippi los night owls

  • Anonymous

    mr.wicked toonerville rifa en cualquier lugar tijuana.


    TOONERVILLE is a well respected gang from back in the days.

  • lil nite owl

    i just would like to say that i grew up in glandale and was running around back in the day in pacific park some of u guys dont no but chevy chase was north side toonerville and i still have family there and always will i im also proud to have grown up there in toonerville and glendale te ve ere in the ie

  • Anonymous