Father of five killed in La Puente drive by

Here’s the story as we know it. 

Victim was Steve Ontiveros, of Baldwin Park. 

Ontiveros, a mechanic, was visiting his grandmother’s home in West Valinda to do a brake job on his aunt’s car, according to his wife, Monique Ontiveros .

His 9-year-old son was with him while his other four children, aged 4 to 11, were at home with their mother in Baldwin Park.

“He was a loving father, and would do anything for them. His daily routine was go to work, come home, be with kids, and on the weekend we would do the car club,” Monique Ontiveros said.

Two men, described as Hispanic, drove by in a dark colored pick-up truck and fired multiple rounds at Ontiveros.

They yelled a gang insult and drove away, Wilson said.

The shooters are believed to be members of the Puente Trece gang, Wilson said.

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  • Patricia

    It’s a sad sad time in our community when a man cannot go out and help his family fix a car. What has our youth become, monsters in a society that doesn’t care because it’s not our kid. But truthfully those kids will mingle with our sooner or later. We all need to do something about this violence.
    My heart goes out to the Ontiveros Family.

  • pocahontas

    he was a good man a good friend a and good husband. he nis greatly missed. this is such a horrible thing to have happened. my heart and prayers are going out to monique and the kids