US Attorney General Holder to visit LA

This from a Department of Justice press release:

Attorney General Holder will hold a press conference at the DEA’s Los Angeles field office to announce Recovery Act funds for the administration’s Southwest border strategy.  The Attorney General will be joined by Timothy J. Landrum, DEA Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles Field Office; Ralph W. Partridge, DEA Special Agent in Charge of the San Diego Field Office; and local law enforcement officials.

Holder needs to be asked about federal efforts to infiltrate gangs working the neighborhoods of suburban Los Angeles. We’ll monitor the press conference and address Holder with some local questions that require federal answers.

Any suggestions for what we should ask?

Let me know…

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  • Miguel

    YES!!, We have simple question …… Mr AG Holder, can you attend any of the several front yard BBQ’s being held in the San Gabriel Valley the next couple of nights,
    the neighborhood would love to hear your views on Gang Terrorists.
    LASO Gang Division, OSS, has the locations and times and will drop you off, then return you to your $500.00 per night hotel room. Dress is casual and bring your family.
    Note: This reply is No joke!, Hope SGVT readers get the courtesy of reply.

  • Miguel

    Got another e-mail, last night from friends on Peck Rd.
    while BBQ out in front a guy drove by slowly in a Crown-Vic and yelled “Howdy” and kept driving. AG Holder??, anyway,not being stupid they all ran inside. Love America

  • Miguel

    Mr. Girardot,
    Thank you for taking time to ask readers for questions
    for the Attorney General during his once in a lifetime visit to LA. Are you going to post readers questions and answers.?