Mongols fenced out of Lancaster meeting threaten lawsuit

This comes from the Associated Press: 

LANCASTER – The notorious Mongols biker gang has been fenced out of a Mojave Desert motel where hundreds of motorcyclists were destined for a weekend rendezvous.

City officials shut down the Desert Inn and installed chain-link fencing at the entrances Thursday to block the biker meeting in Lancaster, about 60 miles north of Los Angeles.

The 144-room motel has a $16,000 contract to provide weekend space and rooms for up to 300 Mongols for their annual meeting, but the city used a tax case to shut down the motel. City Manager mark Bozigian said Desert Inn owner Hui Su is past due on $180,000 in motel bed tax payments.

Mayor R. Rex Parris this week said the gang was not welcome in Lancaster because they “are engaged in domestic terrorism … and they kill our children.” He said the motel owners refused to comply when he asked them to renege on the contract.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s Capt. Axel Anderson said closing the Desert Inn helps ensure public safety, noting that the gang has been implicated in murder and drugs.

Dozens of Mongol members were indicted last year on drug trafficking, murder and other charges, and their former leader, Ruben “Doc” Cavazos, later pleaded guilty to a racketeering conspiracy charge.

Mongols lawyer Albert Perez Jr. said a lawsuit is planned over the motel contract dispute. He said up to 800 people, including members from 10 states and their families, were expected to attend the event.

“They’re upset because they’re getting a bad rap.”

Unrelated Mongol News from Aging Rebel — has some pretty interesting commentary about the recent arrest of a gang member in connection with the slaying of a Mongol last summer just outside of Pasadena.

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  • 211Guy

    Mongrols thought ‘Doc’ Cavazos was going to be Guest Speaker at their business convention but he refuses to leave his cell….. cookie time.

  • Gypsy Queen

    Hello I would like to state that I know several Mongols all of which are working, tax paying American citizens. It is because of the Mongols MC that I owe my life; if not for them I would not be alive today.

    Fourteen years ago members of Mongols MC found me on the streets, homeless, hungry tired and strung out, they took me in put me into a rehab program and I have been clean and sober since, I to am now healthy of mind and body, and also a working class citizen.

    We do many things for various childrens organizations and other charitable events.
    I wish the media would for once print the truth.

  • Been there 2

    Ms. Mongrol, You almost brought tears to eyes, guess you’re the only lucky one. You ever hear the term “House Mouse” aka “Sperm Bank” usually a 12 year old runaway, that looks 40 at 14, traded b/t gangs for a couple rocks.
    Knocked-up?, O.D. time. You left out “Born-Again”.

  • Old School

    I read the comments on Rebel’s blog and his statement about the fabrication of some charges in the current Mongol’s federal case is pretty funny.

    People who put up a front as having legit info but would never out their source are pretty gullible and rarely correct on the facts of a given case. I know this case well and will be surprised if even one Mongol walks.

  • 211Guy

    Anybody wonder why the Mongol ‘el jaffe’ didn’t go on National T.V. and present his opinion to the public such as the Mayor of Lancaster did. No doubt the news media would have looved to show him in his costume and tats like photo on front page.

  • westco girl

    old school:
    if you know the case so well, you would of known that when you posted your comment there was for sure 1 head member who is walking. Looks like ATF agents did a dirty job in obtaining information.
    Get your story straight before presenting it.

  • Old School

    My comments stand, and like I said I know the case better than you or anyone else here. Why don’t you put out that “dirty job” of obtaining info the ATF agents did that you’re being spoon fed by one of your idiot friends. When you do that explain to the common citizen that reads this blog why the efforts that were made to gather info was “dirty”.

    Dirty to a Mongol or any of their low life friends would probably be seen as perfectly good police work by most.