LA City Murders down in 2009

According to LA Weekly via LAist:

By LA Weekly’s count of every murder within Los Angeles city limits, we are at 168 as of yesterday when a taxi driver stabbed earlier this month died of his wounds. Compare that to last yearJuly 18th, there were 208 compared to the 162 this year as of that date. That’s a 22.1% decline in murders so far. Add to that, the murder rate has declined over the last few years. The LAPD’s consent decree ended last week, which in theory should let officers be more productive in some aspects, but some oppose the lifting of the decree. The ACLU contends that there are still problems within the department in regards to racial bias.

As for the SGV. There were several shootings over the weekend, none fatal. But Pasadena’s homicide rate seems to be well above last year’s.

Here’s the latest stats from our homicide map:

Homicides by City

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