Mexico’s Gulf Cartel targeted by feds

This from the Los Angeles Times:

Federal authorities announced indictments Monday against the reputed leaders of Mexico’s Gulf cartel and its paramilitary force, the Zetas, accusing them of trafficking tons of cocaine and marijuana from South America through the Texas-Mexico border.

Three of the men are identified as the “triumvirate” that manages the far-flung enterprise, dividing its territories among themselves. Another reputed leader, Miguel Angel Trevio Morales, allegedly controls the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo, where the cartel is believed to funnel large amounts of drugs through the busy truck crossing into Laredo, Texas.

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  • Miguel

    Read the whole article, very informative, in last paragraph it mentions the name of Cartel Kingpin “Osiel Guillen”, is that a common Mexican name or related to some one here in SGV?.