DEA raids Houston clinic where Michael Jackson sought treatment

From the Huffington Post via KTRK:

HOUSTON — Federal authorities are searching the Houston clinic of Michael Jackson’s doctor.
KTRK-TV reported that officials with the Drug Enforcement Administration were at Dr. Conrad Murray’s clinic in north Houston. Video showed two Houston police officers guarding the front door.
Murray was Michael Jackson’s personal physician, and was with Jackson when he died. Murray, who is based in Las Vegas and is licensed in California, Nevada and Texas, has been interviewed by police but he has not been considered a suspect in the singer’s death.

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  • City Of Roses

    You know, one day you write this piece about how we need to quit giving so much attention to the Michael jackson fiasco, the next day you put out something like this.

    Oh yeah, what the fuck does “octomom” have anything to do with SGV crime? Or better yet, your personally skewed conservative opinions.

    You are a hack, plain and simple.

  • FuckthaPOLICE


  • Anonymous

    Those damn gang bangin’ hatin’ conservative leanin’ asses. KILL EM’ ALL.

  • City of Roses

    who said anything about gang bangers? In fact, thats my point. Who cares what this hack thinks about Obama? Im going out on a limb here and say that most people reading this blog are interested in whats going on in the community. Not Octomom or Michael jackson. This hack is guilty of doing the very things he criticizes.