Cop’s kick to suspect’s head could cost cash-strapped El Monte $5 million *

For a city that’s got no money and is laying off cops left and right, an officer’s kick to a prone suspect’s head may end up being pretty costly. *Here’s a copy of the claim:

And the story:

EL MONTE – The parolee who was kicked in the head by an El Monte officer in May is demanding $5 million from the city.

Lawyers for Richard Rodriguez, 24, filed a claim at El Monte City Hall on Thursday claiming Rodriguez suffers from headaches, blurred vision, back problems, inability to sleep and dizziness since his arrest on May 13.

“Mr. Rodriguez presents symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, such as flashbacks, frightening thoughts, depression, worrisome, easily startled, and on edge,” the 12-page claim states.
The claim comes nearly two months after news cameras caught a police pursuit of Rodriguez – which ended with Rodriguez being kicked in the head and pepper-sprayed.
The chase started after El Monte Police Officer George Fierro attempted to pull over Rodriguez. Rodriguez did not stop, and instead led police on a car and foot-chase.
The chase ended when Rodriguez became trapped behind a condo complex and then surrendered by laying face down on the grass.
Moments later, Fierro kicked Rodriguez in the head and pepper-sprayed him in the face.
Fierro has since been removed from patrol.
Police Chief Tom Armstrong said that video does not always relay the entire story.
“I believe firmly that a police officer is entitled to the same due process as a criminal,” Armstrong said. “We will let justice decide.” 

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  • Anonymous

    Stupid Mexicans cost this state money left and right!!!!!!

  • schnazzybo

    PLEASE! The guy wasnt hurt by this…come on……..he had to be jumped in by his gang, and im sure THAT hurt a lot more than getting kicked once or twice by the cops.

    Rodney King got a REAL beating and nearly died but he wasnt awarded that much money

    people and their lawyers….all money hungry bottom feeders.

    lawyers like his should get a real job and stop trying to make people rich for being stupid

  • for anonymous

    stupid mexicans work hard to pay taxes, so that dumb ass cops can keep making mistakes and cost the state money. So yeah I guess we are stupid…

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