Man beaten, robbed during Craiglslist meeting

AZUSA — Attackers beat and robbed man Wednesday after he met a woman at a local motel through a Craigslist advertisement, police said.
The incident occurred about 3 a.m. at a motel in the 400 block of East Arrow Highway, Azusa police said in a written statement.
Officials suspected the woman may have been involved in the robbery, however it was too early in the investigation to know for sure, Azusa police Lt. Paul Dennis said.
“It’s possible that this was a set up, although we can’t confirm it,” he said.
The man, estimated to be in his 50s, met a woman who identified herself as Kathy on Craigslist, and the two agreed to meet in a motel room, police said.
They woman and man drank together and began getting intimate when the woman excused herself to go to a nearby store, Dennis said.
“A few moments later, there’s a knock at the door,” he said.
When the man answered, two robbers beat him up, took his wallet containing cash and fled, the lieutenant said. He refused hospitalization.
Dennis added that the woman did not return to the motel room. Police could not confirm why the man and women had agreed to meet at the motel.
Authorities described the robbers as a white man in his late 20s with blonde hair and blue eyes and a white man in his early 50s with grey hair.

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  • Anonymous

    The man meeting her is by no means innocent he is a JOHN who also should be prosecuted for his actions. He was paying for sex with drugs!The female Kathy is not around so two men who fit the bill are paying the price of a sexual encounter made online and illegally for a hooker married men better be careful who you meet to have sex with.

  • Anonymous

    Kathy the known local prostitute was upset that this man who was meeting her for sex in exchange for drugs was holding out on the “good” stuff so she had two men beat and take the good stuff for her.

  • Anonymous

    The pervert who met the skank is stupid for meeting people from online

  • kitykat kathy hooker gal 41

    The cops were there at the scene prior and just few minutes after yet could not confirm if th guy was actually telling the truth so they made up some suspects. A covina Police officer actually gave kathy a ride home that night.

  • little miss thang

    All I know is the cops got the wrong guys and should have checked more info on the JOHN because he was most likely lying due to the fact he was left with blue balls. How come the guys who did this were out and about in Diamond bar and el monte?????????????????????

  • didn’t do it

    Thats right the guys who they think did this were way out of town. Thanks little miss thang, you are right about that…

  • Anonymous

    This JOHN assumed he was ordering a PROSTITUTE. Called a number on craigs for company instead of what he REALLY stating what he really WANTED, nor why he was calling. When agency sent her and she collect fee, he tried some sex moves. She then says thats not why she is there, nor that he had failed to mentioned that to company that sent her there, and that he would need to call them for refund for solicitation is against the law.

    He gets physical with her, her security is alarmed and gets her free. JOHN pissed he paid but didnt get laid calls police THAT HE GOT ROBBED!!!! Same story all the time.

    He knows this and I bet he has not learned his lesson and is calling another ad on craigs as we speak!!! Men are all alike.