Officer-inolved shooting reported in Monterey Park

This comes from reporter Tania Chatila:

MONTEREY PARK — A man was arrested early Saturday after he rammed a sheriff’s deputy’s car, prompting the deputy to shoot, officials said.
No one was injured in the deputy-involved shooting, which occurred about 12:40 a.m. near Findlay Avenue and Riggin Street, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy Byron Ward said in a written statement.
The unnamed deputy and his K-9 dog happened to be patrolling in that area when the deputy heard a loud crash, and saw a black Cadillac speeding away after hitting a parked car, said Lt. Mike Grimaldi, of the sheriff’s Internal Affairs Bureau, which is investigating the incident.
The deputy initially tried to follow the car, Grimaldi said, but the suspect raced out of sight.
A few moments later, the suspect drove back to the area, and the deputy was able to stop him by using his lights and siren.
As the deputy was trying to get out of his car, Grimaldi said the suspect rammed the sheriff’s vehicle, causing damage to the front bumper.
“After, the (suspect) didn’t go anywhere, so the deputy started to get out of the car again when he saw the (back tail) lights go on,” Grimaldi said. “The car started to back up again, so the (deputy) fired at the driver in the car.”
Grimaldi said the deputy fired six rounds before the suspect sped off a second time, at which point the deputy began calling for help.
Minutes later, the suspect came back again, and was westbound on Riggin Street when he crashed into a fire hydrant near Findlay Avenue, Grimaldi said.
“The airbags deployed and the car was hung up on the fire hydrant,” Grimaldi said, adding that the suspect was arrested without further incident.
Grimaldi said the entire incident lasted less than 10 minutes, with the suspect driving back and forth in the area at speeds of about 80 miles per hour.
It was unknown if drugs or alcohol may have been a factor.
“I don’t know at this point,” Grimaldi said. “I was told he appeared to be drinking, but I can’t verify that.”

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