LAPD bomb squad seen travelling east on 10 Freeway toward ONT

Earlier this afternoon, a convoy including the LAPD Bomb Squad and several blacked out SUVs was spotted travelling at a high rate of speed east on the 10 Freeway toward Ontario.

There’s been plenty of speculation as to why, but no answers from LAPD, other than a terse statement that the crew was headed to a sensitive situation.
Several Twitter users caught sight of the convoy as well including:
Any thoughts?
Here’s some newsroom speculation:
  • A situation at ONT, which is technically part of Los Angeles
  • Escorting a high level dignitary
  • Taking Michael Jackson’s body somewhere.
What do you think?

3 thoughts on “LAPD bomb squad seen travelling east on 10 Freeway toward ONT

  1. last night around 9:30 pm there were cops, detectives, FBI, and LA Swat team in the condo complex Brandy Wine Townhomes on Vineyard and 5th St. They shut down E. Yale and E 5th St. In condo 1960 they shot tear gas and blew holes in the front door. Was this part of the stuff in the article? I want to know what they were doing, but I can’t find anything about it.

  2. I saw it!

    I was driving east on the 10 from Santa Monica.

    There were also a group of helicopters flying above Culver City as seen from the HWY


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