LAPD SWAT update in Ontario

The LAPD has set up a command post at the 15 Freeway and Limonite Avenue in Ontario. The post, essentially a BevMo parking lot will be used for media briefings.

Apparently the situation that required the SWAT team began in the San Fernando Valley sometime Monday morning. Officials have termed the response “a matter of life and death” and initially urged the news media to keep quiet.
LAPD has since pulled back from that request.
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  • 4King92

    Guess you’re correct, it’s been on the news all night, hard to keep a convoy a secret. Doesn’t Ontario have Police Dept?

  • Highlander

    Ontario has a police department and a SWAT team. The incident was in Eastvale, not Ontario. Eastvale is in unincorporated Riverside County.

    I’m guessing by all the weird police secrecy that the guy kidnapped in Van Nuys was probably an undercover or something.

  • 4King92

    Thanks for clarification, but still doesn’t RSO have Swat type 24-7?, Just wondering about response time from central L.A., 40-50 miles?, if I wanted one of my men back I would pack squad in helicopters and come down the chimmny slam – dunk. Wonder how Channel 7 got there live with cameras?. (All Monday morning quarterbacking)