Gang rape in Baldwin Park generates media attention

The gang rape of an 18-year-old girl in Baldwin Park Monday morning is getting lots of attention from local media this morning. Television trucks are parked outside the Baldwin Park Police Department, but police are saying little.

Apparently cops have no suspect descriptions, and don’t know much about the teen-aged victim… 
Thanks to a news tip Monday morning on the Trib hotline we heard about this story. But, BP officials weren’t so keen to confirm. A watch commander even went so far as to deny anything took place overnight.
There continue to be rumors that the City Council wants the PD to clamp down on issuing crime reports — so as to make Baldwin Park appear safe. If the city officials think that not issuing bulletins about gang rapes makes the city appear safer, their judgement should be seriously questioned. 
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  • Mike

    Mr. F.G and SGVN,
    If this article is factual it hits at the heart of the American Constitution: FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. It appears this is the beginning of the Iranian / North Korea dictator philosophy of total news media censorship. Totally unacceptable in America.
    We expect the BP City Council & Police Dept. to immediately issue a clarification/ press release on the City website and the America news media.
    I recall several years BP received the FBI City of the Year award for the lowest crime rate in the country, proud city, banners, T.V. stories etc, UNTIL it was discovered the City/Police altered their crime stats (total fraud) and the FBI/DOJ reclaimed the award and the Chief retired (or whatever). Undoubtably the SGVN has this story in archives.

  • Anonymous


    Not that this makes the actual allegedy crime any “better,” but your sensationalization of it as a “gang-rape” undermines YOUR credibility as well. Maybe Baldwin Park PD isn’t as forthcoming with details, so as to ensure that accurate facts are given out so that this shake-n-bake reporting doesn’t bring unnecessary, and underserved, negative attention to the City.

    This isn’t the first time the Tribune printed something that overstated the actual crime that was committed.

    In other words, your hands aren’t exactly “clean” to be pointing fingers at people for not being “truthful.”

  • anonymous2

    I think that’s what the first comment stated, waiting for the Baldwin Park Police and City Council council to refute and vilify the SGVN for lying, shake-n-baking, and sensationalizing a crime that didn’t occur and file a massive civil suit against Mr. F.G., put the lying rag out of business.
    Waiting for the city rebuttal, until then article stands as posted.

  • pants on fire

    this one guy FG always wants to use his tabloid words to get readers to click the stories but we here in BP know that all u do is BS ur way through all the rumors people tell u and u run with em without verifying anyting. where is ur jurnalistic standards? Oh, forgot, u work at tribune.

  • Mike2

    Interesting comments, I checked the BP City & Police websites and OTHER local news media 8-26 and failed to see a rebuttal re the alleged lies in the SGVN. Anyone else see any mention of ‘shake-n-baking’news article, anywhere?.
    All the Baldwin Park Police Dept. has to do is release the phone taped transcripts between the news reporter and Officer…. end of story.

  • Mike

    I thought the SGVN was Lying & Shaking and Baking about the Azusa brush fires until I saw the smoke, that a plus for the paper.

  • crow for dinner

    By Frank Girardot on August 26, 2009 4:05 PM | Permalink | Comments (0) | ShareThis
    The alleged Baldwin Park rape and kidnap victim recanted her entire story this afternoon in an interview with detectives from the Baldwin Park Police Department. The girl cited emotioinal problems as the reason for her false claims.

    Looks like this paper should hold its horses, wait for the investigation to be done, and then consider printing stories.

    Please feel free to remove all of your collective feet from your mouths.