Sierra Madre issues #station fire closure information

The Sierra Madre Fire Department and City Officials are closely monitoring the Station Fire. At this time, there is no imminent danger to Sierra Madre residents.  

The City of Sierra Madre has begun preparations in case the Station Fire enters Sierra Madre. At this time the Station Fire continues to be a slow moving fire and if the fire continues moving to Sierra Madre, officials do not expect it to enter the City for at least five days. This prediction is contingent on if the current weather conditions continue.  

Today, fire officials began pre-treating the northern border of Sierra Madre by sending handcrews to work behind the northern-most properties in Sierra Madre creating a small fire break. This fire break is expected to extend from Altadena to Azusa.  

Residents north of Carter Avenue traveling east to Mira Monte Avenue and across Alegria Avenue to Grandview Avenue are ask to begin their emergency preparations in case the City has to evacuate residents. Residents are reminded to be “Ready for 7” with 7 days worth of food, clothing, medicine, pet food and supplies should they have to leave their homes. If the City evacuates residents, an evacuation center will be set up at the Community Recreation Center at 611 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Crated pets will be allowed.  

As the fire continues to burn closer to Sierra Madre, wild animals will be leaving the forest and entering the City. Public Safety Officials warn residents to be cautious and leave them alone and to please not feed the wild animals. Residents may want to take caution and keep small children and pets indoors.  

In compliance with an order from the US Forest Service and the LA County Sheriff Department, the City is closing until further notice Bailey Canyon, Mt. Wilson Trail and the road up to Chantry Flats. 

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  • Jim Flournoy

    Last time I looked the ROAD to Chantry Flats went from Arcadia not Sierra Madre
    Is there still a trail from Sierra Madre?
    I guess you could go up the Mt Wilson trail then back down to Chantry flats?
    Is that what was ment?

  • amazed

    that story this morning on the front page of the star-news website has two huge mistakes, dont you guys have editors anywhere? first your photographer says the fire was in the angeles crest national forest. that forest does not exist but there is one called angeles national forest. then you guys have 140 to 150-acre fire. this fire was a bit more than that. try 140 thousand acre fire. with five writers or interns and the associated press being credited, this two huge mistakes really shows that you need to start hiring editors who can read a story and correct mistakes before the public sees what an amateur job your doing, not even the local college paper makes those mistakes.