The life of Ted Hall

This from the Los Angeles County Fire Department: 

Ted Hall was a man of humility and strength, known now as a hero to his community, but always a hero to his family.  He has been described as “a true family man.”  His love for his wife, and best friend, Kathy was evident to anyone who has had the pleasure of spending time with them.  He held special joy in being a father to his sons Randall and Steven; sharing motorcycle racing with Randall and countless ice hockey games with Steven.   

Years of family vacations with his parents retired Battalion Chief Ray and Donna Hall and his sisters, Lori Barrios and Leann Watkins, instilled a love for family fun which became a road map to his life shared with Kathy and his sons.  Ted’s love for his family extended far beyond his adored nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles. His lifelong best friends were also a part of his family, included in every camping trip, Christmas party, or water fight. To know Ted was to not only become his friend but to become a member of his large extended family.   

Ted loved riding and working on motorcycles, water skiing and boating, sitting around campfires with friends, and listening to music with a good cup of coffee or a cold beer.  He loved a good practical joke, especially on those he loved, and he could laugh at himself harder than anyone else.  He was the first by your side in a time of need, a pillar of strength, and always the voice of reason.  Ted had the most welcoming heart and generous spirit.  Without a doubt, Ted created fun and generated laughter wherever he went; collecting cherished memories and time with his extended family and friends.     

While his family called him by honored titles like Husband, Father, Son, Uncle and Brother; he shared a brotherhood with another family he loved, The Los Angeles County Fire Department. Ted loved being a firefighter, regardless of title, serving with the department for 27 years.  Ted was a hard-working and loyal friend, Captain, and mentor. He loved the brethren of the department, and took pride in serving with dedication and professionalism.  He will be remembered most by his family and his crew as one of the greatest men they’ve ever known; the finest of the finest, best of the best, and gone too soon to save so many.  

Church service will be held at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at High Desert Church, 14545 Hook Boulevard, Victorville, CA  92394.   

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to: 

The Tedmund “Ted” Hall Memorial Fund 
F & A Federal Credit Union – “Memorial Fund”
Account # 617171
P. O. Box 30831
Los Angeles, California 90030-9972
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