Kidnapping reported in Hacienda Heights

INDUSTRY — Deputies responded to a report that a woman was briefly kidnapped, driven just over a mile away and released.
The incident was reported about 4 p.m., Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lt. Pete Cacheiro said.
A white woman in her 30s called police to report she was forcefully abducted from the parking lot of the City Lights Cocktail Lounge, 1257 S. Hacienda Blvd., the lieutenant said.
The woman said two Latino men in a full-size Chevrolet pickup truck beckoned her to their vehicle and asked her for directions, Cacheiro said.
As she spoke to the men, they seized her by the hair and forced her into the car, he said.
The woman reported that she was driven to a nearby Chevron gas station on 7th Avenue near the 60 Freeway and released, Cacheiro said. The men apparently made no demands for money or property, and the woman was not injured.
No further details were available.

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  • This is odd, what was the motive?

    Was this possibly the result of a disagreement with someone else at the City Lights Cocktail Lounge, with the perpetrators maybe friends of someone inside and this was done to scare her?

    Anyway, at least it appears not physical harm was done, so this is good news.

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