Azusa couple charged in No Cal murder

This from the Woodland Daily Democrat:

Tears were shared among family members of the suspect accused of accessory in the murder of a 17-year-old Woodland boy, when the release or reduced bail request was denied Monday.

Rachelle Pease, 19, is being held on $1 million bail for her alleged role in the murder of Cache Creek High School student Billy Martinez in late June. She appeared in court with her husband, Marcelino Michel, who allegedly shot Martinez in the head at the Crossroads Village apartment complex.

Pease and Michel, 29, fled after the shooting and were located in Azusa, in early August. The couple remains in custody, but their defense counsel asked that Pease be released on her own recognizance or granted a reduced bail because, “the individual she aided after the fact is in custody.” The defense went on to say Pease has a 3-year-old daughter waiting for her at home.

Deputy District Attorney Garrett Hamilton said Pease’s involvement extended beyond aiding her husband after the fact. Hamilton said he has statements from Pease’s brother and one other family member, confirming that it was she who handed Michel the gun used to kill Martinez.

Further, “She and her extended family led police officers on a wild goose chase.” Hamilton said. “This is absolutely a big deal.”

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