Gloria Allred gets involved Felicia Tang case *

*Super attorney Gloria Allred said Thursday she represents Tang’s mother to help her understand the legal system and process that will surround the events leading up to Brian Randone’s trial.
*Allred also said she objects to the use of “porn star” to describe Tang’s acting career. 
*Finally, a Facebook page has apparently been established to help with any legal funds needed by Tang’s family. 
Here’s the link:

From Allred’s office:

Murder Case

Man who appeared on “The Sexiest Bachelor in America” faces a Preliminary Hearing on Friday October 9, 2009 on charges that he tortured and murdered his girlfriend.

Victim’s family to hold news conference at noon with their attorney Gloria Allred.

The family of murder victim, Felicia Tang, and their attorney, Gloria Allred, will attend the preliminary hearing of Brian Lee Randone on October 9, 2009 at 8:30 a.m. in Pasadena Superior Court, 300 E. Walnut St. Pasadena, CA, on the 6th Floor, Dept J.

Randone is charged with torturing and murdering, Felicia Tang, age 31 who was a beautiful model and Randone’s girlfriend.

After the hearing at noon, Felicia’s mother, and Ms. Allred will hold a news conference for the first time outside the courthouse to discuss the tragic loss of Felicia, and the media’s use of the term “porn star” to describe the victim.

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  • False Statement

    The Tang family IS NOT seeking any sort of donations for legal funds. This is completely false from a ill reputable source. There has been no Face book page set up by the Tang family for Felicia.

  • The Tang family is not seeking any donations at all. The Facebook page is a fraud. There is no Facebook page set up for Felicia. The statement in this article is false.

  • Tom

    There was gold in Felcia’s pussy. She fucked so many photographers and fans for a couple hundred bucks a pop that she must have some cash around.

  • Tom

    BLAH!!! It’s not fraud. I see a link that works.

  • Tom

    Blah it’s not Fraud!!!

  • Tia

    The facebook link is a fraud. Visit for updates. Her site is cank up and you can get all the updated info. The family is not accepting any donations at this time.I doubt this tom guy ever talked to the family to really know if its a fraud or not. I think its sick that there are people there out to make money on the suffering of others.