Vandals target Whittier synagogue

There’s three swastikas painted on the side of the Temple Beth Shalom, but the cops don’t think its a hate crime:

WHITTIER – Vandals painted graffiti – including a swastika – on the main building at Temple Beth Shalom over the weekend, officials said Monday.

At this point in the investigation, the incident is not being labeled a hate crime, said Sgt. Craig Harman of the Norwalk Sheriff’s Station.

“Not to diminish the painting of a swastika on the synagogue, but it looks like it was just some punk kids who did this,” he said.

Herb Sussman, Beth Shalom boardmember agreed, saying he thinks it was gangs and not anti-semitic.

“Graffiti has popped up here before, and it’s been gang-related,” he said.  

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  • Bucky

    Well, the swastika in the picture on Whittier Daily News web site is pointed to the right, so we can safely assume the graffittists didn’t mean it as a Buddhist slur.


  • Anonymous


    it’s not the job of the cops to decide that some supposed “punk kids” aren’t really racist or anti-semitic.

    a hate crime is a hate crime by definition, let the courts and jurors decide what was in the hearts of the… “punk kids” staw men.

    you can bet with certainty that if these same “punk kids” wrote “kkk” on a black church, there would be holy hell raised about it.

    could it be that one of these “punk kids” may be the son of a city official?