From the mailbag, a plea for help


I’m writing to you for the first time, I have read your stories on a daily basis for quite some time and find myself sickened by the day to day callousness that people extend to one another.  The old Clich  is that it will never happen to us.  The reality of  it is, no one is immune, you can’t run away from life, you can’t hide from it.

The reason I’m writing to you is that my friend, a 75 year old Japanese American was on his way home Wednesday 10/14 around noon from his doctors appointment for a routine checkup.  I’m not sure where the accident occurred but I know that it was somewhere between Good Samaritan Hospital and the 10 / 710 fwy.  The person that caused the accident left his vehicle and ran from the scene and left my neighbor Mr. Yoshi Ito in critical condition, he is in a coma at USC Medical Hospital and most likely will not recover.  I’m hoping that maybe you can look in to this accident, find out what happened and post it on your blog.  Maybe someone will come forward with additional information regarding the person who caused this and we can get them off the road before they destroy someone else’s family.

Mr. Ito was taking care of his mother, wife, 2 daughters and  grand daughter whom he is putting through college.  This man, my neighbor a person I can truly call everyones friend is in critical condition because of someone who doesn’t give a damn about anyone but him or herself.  Please look in to this and help us get them off  the streets.

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  • mike alerich

    Dear Friend, There’s not many papers that would take the time to listen or print your plea for help, hope your friend recovers.