Ex-President robbing Valley banks

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The FBI is seeking the public’s assistance in learning the identity of an unidentified male known to law enforcement as the “Ex-President” Bandit.  The bandit is currently believed to be responsible for two robberies in the city of Encino, California, within a one week time period.  The bandit is described as a black male, wearing dark clothing and a mask described as a rendition of former President, Richard Nixon.  During both robberies, the  bandit was armed with a handgun, which he brandished liberally throughout the bank, and to enforce orders given to victims in the bank.  The bandit, while exhibiting violence, has been described as having a calm demeanor.  The two banks that were robbed are as follows: 
Santa Barbara Bank & Trust      12/2            Encino
U.S. Bank                                  11/25          Encino

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  • 211Guy

    Weird how a SGV newspaper reports on major news in the San Fernando Valley 40 miles away when the LA Daily News and LA Times pretend it didn’t happen. Below is ‘Opinion’ posted on websites / Internet 6 hours ago.
    Friday, December 4, 2009
    Bank Robbery Up-Dates 12-04-09 1300hr

    Always curious how Editors determine what bank robberies to ignore in their reader area and the reason why, bank pressure / bad publicity, City Chamber of Commerce etc. Good example is this incident; no mention of dozen other bank robberies past month in the Agoura area, one example is another BOA 11-23,33929 Valencia Bl., Valencia. Article mimicks BOA scripted Spin on incident; “isolated incident” blah-blah-blah… total falsehood!.
    Another current example is 11-25-09 U.S Bank 15910 Ventura Bl. Encino, Take-Over robbery,suspect armed, wearing Halloween mask, gloves, put innocent customers on floor at gun point, jumped teller counter with finger on the trigger and helped himself to all the cash he could carry. Appears on 12-02-09 the SAME suspect,same MO did the SAME thing at Santa Barbara B & T 17656 Ventura Bl. Encino and walked out.
    Readers see “Taco Stand Robbed” in banner headlines. Are Banks something sacred and the public shouldn’t know about robberies?
    211Guy…. Twitter (211Guy) 24-7365

  • Well it’s obvious the SGV Tribune beat AP with the Take-Over story. This is their version that just hit the wire.
    PS: The robber’s moniker is “Tricky Dick” and love paragraph 3 from FBI.

    FBI seeks Nixon-masked robber who hit 2 LA banks
    The Associated Press
    Posted: 12/04/2009 09:19:17 PM PST
    Updated: 12/04/2009 09:19:17 PM PST

    LOS ANGELESThe FBI says it’s looking for a man who robbed a pair of Los Angeles banks wearing a rubber mask of former president Richard Nixon.

    FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said Friday that the man police have dubbed the “Ex-President Bandit” is responsible for the armed robbery of Santa Barbara Bank & Trust on Wednesday and a U.S. Bank branch on Nov. 25. Both banks are in the Encino area of the San Fernando Valley.

    Eimiller says the man liberally brandished the gun and showed violent tendencies in both banks but his demeanor remained calm.

    The 1991 film “Point Break” featured a group of bank robbers in similar masks led by the late Patrick Swayze and dubbed “The Ex-Presidents.”

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