Photo purports to show dead cop killer Maurice Clemons

Two days after Maurice Clemons killed four Lakewood Washington police officers at a local coffee shop, Clemons was found in South Seattle.

Seattle police officers checking out a stolen car encountered Clemons and shot him to death when he approached.

Now a photo that could show the aftermath of that shooting is making its way around the Internet with the headline: “This is what happens when you decide to shoot cops.”

Needless to say the photo is pretty graphic.

The question here is should we post the crime scene photo?

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  • 211Guy

    Of course you should publish photo/s, public spends billions on slice & dice motion pictures and T.V. shows everyday. This isn’t a ‘lesson’ it’s a fact. Aclu can go pound sand!.

  • brian n


  • carlos perez

    yes u should to remind people that the cops are just a legal and well organized gang! they live by the laws of the street like the people the arrest..”you kill one of theres and they will show no mercy”

  • jane

    please do.