OIS in West Covina

Sheriff’s homicide investigators are en route to West Covina to investigate an officer involved shooting at the intersection of Azusa Avenue and Merced Street, officials said. Few details are available. The shooting appears to have been at the end of some sort of pursuit.

Craig Harvey, chief of operations for the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner says investigators are en route to the scene of the shooting. Harvey reports that one man is dead. 
“The unidentified male apparently reached for an officer’s weapon,” Harvey told Brian Day. “Shots were fired.” 
Harvey said an altercation between a West Covina police officer and the suspect took place prior to the shooting. 
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  • West Covina Tax Payer

    That’s what he gets. The West Covina Police Department is one of the SGV’s finest, hardest, and upmost respected police departments around. I want to thank them for keeping our neighborhood safe and for keeping those thugs out. Keep up the great work!! THANKS AGAIN!

  • Proud Citizen

    Thank heaven for these officers and all the officers at the West Covina Police Department. Normal law abiding citizens do not drive around carrying guns, they don’t fight Police Officers, and they don’t run from the Police. Trouble makers who behave like this, creating anarchy and creating danger are up to NO GOOD! I could not be more proud of the West Covina Officers for putting their lives on the line to protect our streets, our families, and our city. Thank you West Covina PD for cleaning up the streets and protecting our city! You are HEROS!!!

  • Rosie

    Great Job West Covina Police Department.This is a nice area to live in and I want to keep it that way. Thanks again.

  • San Pedro Residents

    This is only a one-sided story. Please remember on the update story, Police said, that the suspect had allegedly reached for a gun.