Many questions, few answers in death of El Monte educator Salcedo

Rep. Judy Chu came out swinging Friday — demanding answers from the Mexican government in  the death of Bobby Salcedo. 

On Friday Chu’s office issued a statement urging Mexican authorities to solve the slaying. So far, there has been no official response from Mexico.
Here’s Chu’s statement:

Our community has lost a rising star and a tremendous leader with the death of Bobby Salcedo. My heart goes out to Bobby’s brother, Carlos, his wife Betzy and their entire family, as well as to his fellow school district colleagues and the faculty and students at El Monte High School where Bobby was an assistant principal, as they cope with the shock and sadness of this terrible loss.

“I urge the authorities in Durango, Mexico to direct all necessary resources toward solving this senseless killing and to bringing the murderers to justice. The Salcedo family, and indeed the entire El Monte and South El Monte community, deserve answers, and we will work hard to ensure that they get those answers and the justice they deserve.

“I have directed my staff in the district and in Washington to make sure the Salcedo family receives the assistance they require at this difficult time, and to work with our contacts in the Department of State and U.S. consulate authorities in Mexico to make sure there is appropriate coordination with Mexican law enforcement as the investigation develops.

“This incident is a terrible reminder of the drug war that is raging just south of our border, and most importantly, it shows that this conflict does not respect borders. We are all affected by the violence in Mexico, and that is why our federal government must do everything in its power to assist the Mexican authorities in their struggle against these ruthless drug gangs, including staunching the flow of weapons from the United States to Mexico and reducing demand for the drugs in our country. I vow to work with my Congressional colleagues to address this crucial issue, and to ensure that our citizens can once again travel to Mexico without fearing for their lives or the lives of their loved ones.”

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6 thoughts on “Many questions, few answers in death of El Monte educator Salcedo

  1. We also need to start enforcing immigration laws, but when will that happen? Any criminal can easily sneak acrosss the border, millions of people have alredy done it.

  2. This is very tragic. Our prayers are with the family and friends of this great man. My family and I have traveled to Mexico many times, but have not done so in recent years due to increased violence. We now live in Fernley, Nevada (Near Reno), but non the less, these types of things stretch out to all citizens of this great country. God be with the surviving family members and friends. We need more great people like Bobby Salcedo to serve our communities and this great nation. Let him be an example to all.

  3. Today’s LA Times 1-3-10 has a detailed full length article regarding this tragedy that discount rumors, innuendos, something fishy, cover-ups etc…. a good was murdered.
    Now we’re waiting to hear from our investigative reporter on his way to mexico.

  4. I still can belive this happen our prayer are to the Saucido family,i attendedEl Monte High School. I actual never meet him but i loved the staff in El Monte High School. I understand justice has to be made, but people lets no be naive about the situation i know they family deserves all the support. but lets understan that not all illegal people are responsable theirs alot of hard workers in this nation we love & our prayers will be whiit your family

  5. “Mexico Opens New Year With 69 Drug Murders in One Day”
    1-12-10, Associated Press, front page of Fox News.

    Don’t think Mexicans read Judy’s letter, if they did what’s the reply?

  6. Judy Chu,
    This came from Mexican Press with facts, details and dates, seems very accurate. While conducting your personal investigation with Mexican Police would you send back photos:

    1-14-10…. A little history south of the border, worth reading
    Greetings from Tijuana
    A mile east of the Tijuana International Airport is an area police call El Fin del Mundo, the End of the World, where drug-cartel assassins dump their victims. Both Mexican and American citizens have been found there for years.
    San Diego Reader Found 8 hours ago
    Your constituents are waiting……

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