Two dead in Rosemead — murder/suicide

A man and a woman were found shot and killed in Rosemead on Wednesday. Police are not looking for a suspect.

Authorities responded to the 2600 block of Earle Avenue just after midnight and found a male and a female, both in their 20s, shot in the head. The female victim was declared dead at the scene. The male victim was taken to a local hospital, where he later died.

According to authorities, the couple dated and broke up a few months ago, but they still kept the lines of communication open. The young woman came to the home on Tuesday to pick up the man to go out for the day, and when they returned, things seemed fine.

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  • irish

    This story sucks, if homeboy cant be happy then let her be. Why kill someone if they dont love you its part of life, there are many women out there for everyone.

  • Anonymous

    She killed him you f’ing moron. Don’t go assuiming facts until you know the story, you idiot!

  • Justice


    You are a turd, learn to get facts before you assume

  • Justice


    You are a horrible person. Learn to get facts before you automatically assume.