Eileen Ponce murder case moves closer to trial — a note from her mom

Here’s the story as told by Fox 11 back in 2008:

Here’s the note from Tracy Ponce to friends and family:

Hi all,

Just wanted to share with you that I received an official subpoena from the District Attorney’s office to report as a witness in my daughter’s case on Feb. 11. So now it does look like, FINALLY, that the trial will soon begin. It will be two-years since we found my daughter Eileen on Feb. 15, 2008. Unfortunately, I’ll be going to the same courthouse where I found my daughter’s body, but either way, I’m thankful that the killer has been in custody and that we will be going to trial. I’m also going to court on Feb. 9 for the Readiness date (too see if both sides are actually ready to proceed) which now, I believe they both are since we received these subpoenas, and then on Feb. 11 is when they begin to select the jury, then afterwards the trial will start. I hear the trial may take up to 10-days.

Anyways, for those of you who have went to trial in your loved one case or who are still waiting, I wanted to share with you that after receiving the subpoena, it did something to me emotionally and I wasn’t expecting to feel that way and just wanted to know from those who have went to trial already, is this normal, or is this our kind of normal???

See, like many of us Parents Of Murdered Children, I have prayed to get to trial so that part could be put behind us, but when the day actually comes, it seems sort of surreal and for some reason it put a fear in me, why? I don’t know, because I pray everyday for Justice and I truly believe we will receive it, but I hate having that bit of doubt and confusion in my heart because it totally scared the hell out of me!!

Anyways, I presume the opening remarks will begin on that following Monday, Feb. 15 and if you have time available to support us in the courtroom, it will be greatly appreciated. The courthouse is located at 400 Civic Center Plaza, Pomona, CA. I’ll let you know the exact room number as soon as I know it. And if you can’t come, I understand, but if you believe in the power of prayer, I’m asking that you please pray for our family, the witnesses, the incoming jury and our DA during this time so that everything proceeds in an efficient manner and the killer is found GUILTY!!

Thank you!!

Tracy Ponce & Family

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  • crystal ponce

    i read your massage and ill pray for u and ur family, and its normal to feel that way. you will feel alot of emotion durning and after the trail is over and for many years, its been over 3 year since ive lost a love one and the pain still havent healed,and i feel your pain and what ur going threw i rememeber around the time they found ur daughter at the court, it was very sad and it wasnt right. they should of known something, but i hope the best for u and ur family and ill keep u in my prayers. i hope ur trail goes very good for u and im sorry for your loss.