Adios Foothill Cities

As David Allen and LAObserved have already reported, the Foothill Cities Blog has taken its last gasp of air

Here’s the text of its last post:

To all members of the blogosphere:

Greetings and hello. Since 2006, the Foothill Cities Blog has endevoured to bring citizen-journalism to the suburban communities of the San Gabriel Valley that abutt the powerful mountains. We have strived to inform the citizenry not only of events and their duties in the face of them, but also of their awesome power over the government itself.

Each of us had our private motives and sensibilities that guided us. But never was this venture expected to generate revenue or income. Those who supported us, morally, materially or otherwise, may know that they gave aid and comfort to a tribe that wanted to reach out to the community around. Our legacy will be honorable if it is merely a footnote in some greater work.

In short, we’ve had a lot of fun.

But the pressures of domestic life have finally closed in. The enigmatic Centinel and Publius no longer return even my email. Technological problems with the server software impare even my power to post this goodbye. Were I an administrator I could continue this struggle myself. But, as I sit, I deem it time to throw in the towel once and for all.

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