Detectives: Reserve LAPD officer shot son in self-defense

From staff reports:

The Los Angeles County Department of Coroner Friday identified the 17-year-old boy who was shot to death by his father in an unincorporated county area near Monrovia.
Brian Macias died Thursday night after his father fired on him during an argument inside a home in the 100 block of East Andre Street, Coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter said.
The shooting occurred around 6 p.m., sheriff’s Deputy Aura Sierra said.
The boy’s father is a reserve LAPD officer. He was not arrested, and authorities have not identified him.
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s homicide detectives are investigating the homicide.
They have said it appears to be self defense.
A group of young men who identified themselves as Macias’ friends said Friday the teen was a senior at Monrovia High School.
They said said Macias aspired to go to college and become a police officer. They doubted that an argument between the teen and his father needed to end in death.
“He was always respectful to his father because his father was a cop and he wanted to be a cop,” said Paul Gilbert, 17. “He was just a nice kid, he didn’t mean any harm to anybody.”

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  • Family Friend

    I have known this family for 10 years. This is a shame. Something must have gone horribly wrong for this to happen. Both the parents are supportive of their children and kind people.

  • Monrovia Mom

    Self defense?? Really?? I know teenagers can be challenging – but shoot to kill?? Brian deserved better. RIP Brian.

    and in response to the Family Friend, supportive and kind parents don’t shoot their son to death! Something did go horribly wrong – Dad took out a gun to deal with a teenager. WOW Big Man.

    I am sure this will haunt Dad the rest of his life – now, if only that would be from behind bars!!

  • whose next

    what a surprise this is right….. typical response from these candy ahss officers that got pushed around their whole life then became gun toting officers. Great job officer High 5

  • JimmyfromLA

    Monrovia Mom and whose next spout typical nonsense when they weren’t there and don’t know anything about the circumstances involved here. Let the investigation go through and wait to see what it reveals. If it shows that Dad was defending himself or someone else then shut up.

  • a.m.

    ok no!
    i knew brian and all of this is b.s.!
    ok so lets say it was self defense, fine.
    but his dad is a reserve LAPD officer
    and in the police academy they teach where to shoot to stop a person.
    i.e.: leg, foot, arm, and sholder
    so why was the shot deadly?
    the fight didn’t need to end in death.
    he knew were to shoot, but he chose not to.
    and why hasn’t the father been arested?
    obviously LAPD is going to protect their own.
    brian death is never going to see justice
    and that is the worst part of all this.

  • Monrovia Resident

    If you weren’t there, you have no idea if the boy threatened his father’s life, recently got on drugs, or similarly snapped over something. No one expects deadly force against one’s own child as an answer for anything, but keep in mind that the facts are not entirely known.

    Teenagers can be hormonal brats and sometimes get mixed up in things that make them act out of character. I remember people from high school that were intelligent, destined to become something great, to hear a couple of years later they committed suicide or were arrested for felony criminal charges. It can happen overnight. Don’t rule out anything. There was an investigation, but since it’s family and private, you won’t hear about what they found.

  • sad

    I agree with the poem – he as a cop knows where to shoot to injure, not kill. I am appalled by this. It is actually kind of hard to kill someone unless you intend to – many organs can survive – it must be a vital organ or the brain & usually at point blank range to hit the organ fully. I cannot believe people are defending this guy! bizarre & sad

  • U.S.M.C. Retiered

    This is a vary said incident that has accured!
    There is always someone jumpping to conclusions and pointing the finger… Let the investigation conclude, with the facts. Most eveyone always place blame on a cop! and in most cassis are always the fine citicens that dislike cops. And for Mr. Sad Said and his statement on law enforcment training. I’m a retired U.S. Marine and like law enforcement we are traind to aim on the largest part of a human body. That is the upper torso the (chest). If anyone in a split second life or deth situaton takes time to aim for a arm or leg your DEAD.

  • Amber Prada

    I agree with the “poem” as well. Brian has always been a good kid. I knew him for quite some time and spent plenty of time with his family. Brian had the utmost respect for his dad. And if something did go wrong for Brian to “attack” his father then his father must have done something terribly wrong. Boys that are raised to know better than to disrespect their fathers are not just going to attck him.. and even if Brian was on drugs… If i was a father,, i would rather get the crap beaten out of me then pull a gun on my own son. End of story. Not to mention the near half foot height difference between the two of them.

  • I wonder how we can be so impulsive about life. People need to learn to take things slow.

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  • miss u brian

    i dont see how anyone can defend this person. if it would have been u or me who shoot him,u better believe we would be in jail..and how can he say ‘lets make this a learning experence’ can a father say that, about his son’s death..and how come some of his family members didnt hear about it til the next day,from a text message they recieved from a close come they didnt have any services for brian right after.they had them like a month or so after.
    the reason why they had anything for brian is because 2 weeks after brian passed his older brother also passed away..and the F’ed up part is they didnt even really have a service for them,it was more like a big party..
    this guy knows people,if brian was being a teen gave him a little trouble, then how come he didnt just get a few of his LAPD buddys to scare him.come on if this guy cant even handle a 17 year old how do u expect him to handle his job out on the streets..
    R.I.P. to both brothers..

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