Arcadia Unified School District bus crashes in Irwindale

IRWINDALE — A school bus containing nearly a dozen students went off the freeway and crashed into a chain-link fence Saturday after the driver apparently lost consciousness, authorities said.
None of the 11 Arcadia Unified School District students on board were hurt in the crash, and the driver, a man of about 50 years old, was hospitalized as a precaution due to a possible medical problem, California Highway Patrol Officer Jacob Moniz said.
The bus was northbound on the 605 Freeway shortly before 7 p.m. when the driver is believed to have suffered some sort of medical issue and lost consciousness, the officer said.
Jaslyn Elders, a 16-year-old Junior at Arcadia High School, said she was one of the 11 female choir members returning from a competition on the bus when it crashed.
“All of a sudden, (the bus) started rocking back and forth,” she said.
The bus then crashed through a chain-link fence and stopped against a pile of dirt just before tumbling down an embankment, Elders added.
The bus driver apparently left his foot on the gas, she said, as the tires continued to spin and smoke even after the bus had come to a rest.
The tires gave off so much smoke, “you couldn’t breath,” Elders said. “You couldn’t see inside the bus.”
The eleven girls got out of the bus through the emergency exit, she said, some of them suffering minor scrapes and cuts as they climbed through bushes.
Once out of the bus, Elders said she was shocked to see the front end of the vehicle teetering over the side of a large embankment.
“It’s pretty mind blowing that we were that close to going off of the edge,” she said.
She added she and the other girls were grateful to the CHP officers, particularly officers Enrique Rodriguez and Aldo Garcia of the CHP’s Baldwin Park office, who gathered the girls’ belonging from the smoke-filled bus and waited with them for two hours until another school bus arrived to pick them up.

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