“Golden Years Bandit” sought in connection with Rosemead, Alhambra bank robberies

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The same man is suspected of robbing two Valley Boulevard Bank of America branches in Rosemead and Alhambra in the past two months, FBI officials said Thursday.
The bank robberies tied to the bandit occurred Wendesday in Rosemead and Jan. 23 in Alhambra, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said.
The robber is a white man of large build with grey hair and a grey mustache who appears to be in his 50s or 60s, Eimiller said.
“They’re calling him the “Golden Years Bandit,” she said.
“In both cases, he used a type-written note that was handed to the teller,” she added.
The notes demanded large bills and threatened violence if the teller did not comply, Eimiller said, though no weapons have been seen during the heists.
The most recent robbery occurred at a Bank of America branch in Rosemead, 8856 East Valley Boulevard, according to sheriff’s and FBI officials.
After using a note to rob a teller, the bandit was last seen fleeing south on Ivar Avenue in a older-model, beige van, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lt. Tom McNeal said.
Witnesses said there may have been another person in the van, though they could five no description.
Eimiller said the note in Wednesday robbery in Rosemead threatened that if anyone followed the robber, the robber’s partner would shoot him.
It was unclear Thursday whether or not the man was working with an accomplice, she said.
Just under two months earlier, the same man is suspected in a similar robbery at the Alhambra Bank of America branch at 444. E Valley Boulevard, Eimiller said.

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In that crime, no getaway vehicle was seen, Alhambra police Detective Tai Seki said.
In both cases, the robber passed his demand note and received the cash through bullet-proof glass partitions separating customers from bank employees known as “bandit barriers,” bank surveillance photos provided by the FBI show.
In both robberies, officials declined to release the amount of money stolen. No injuries were reported in either incident.

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  • Twitter211Guy

    “Old Art”, the neighborhood bank robber.

    Wonder why this guy didn’t ring a bell with BOA Rosemead branch workers after he robbed BOA Alhambra branch a few miles away recently, that ring on right hand should have been a dead give-a-way along with that wino face.Does Bank have any security or just usual “No Comment”.

    Post his photo over at Santa Anita Race track in club house section, looks like he removed ‘Santa Anita Park’ logo from his free ball cap.

    Great that newspapers are posting good photos of bank robbers on the front page, maximum exposure, maybe bank tellers & managers will start to read the news.