Suspected white bank robber fools cops with black face mask

From Newser


Ohio police say they’ve apprehended a wily white bank robber who threw them off the trail by disguising himself as a black person. Authorities say 30-year-old Conrad Zdzierak would rob the banks in a high-quality mask, then take it off as he drove to his next robbery target, confounding police on the lookout for a black man. He allegedly managed to hit four banks and a CVS within just three hours, ABC reports. 

His mistake? He never disguised his car.

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  • Twitter211Guy

    O’yea, lets see his birth certificate!.
    Speaking of bank robberies the serial bandit “Creepy Bomb Boy” hit again, Thur. 4-22 1400hr at Chase Bank on Foothill Bl. after hitting BOA on Foothill, La Canada 4-19. Obviously Chase didn’t warn tellers of bomb threat robbery posted on 4-20, great photos.

  • mike

    pendejo if you were mexican you would have been on foot …

  • Anonymous

    this man knows what many in this country knows. any thing can be blamed on a black person due to the racial climate in this country. remenber all those years ago when Susan Smith accussed a black man of taking her 2 boys. the black comm. knew this was not the truth. but how many when out black hunting while this baby killer cried to the cameras?. wake up america!!!