Why gun control doesn’t matter

This comes from a local police blotter and basically shows that in the absence of guns and knives, there are plenty “green” weapons out there that can hurt, maim or kill:

“Upon the officers arrival it was discovered a male juvie has been assaulted with
a rock. Suspect description was M/H approx 14-15yrs med build 505/black hair,
victim sustained 1″ laceration to the left side of head and was taken to Queen
of the Valley hospital for further evaluation.”

Wikipedia: “The Daily” could refer to a number of publications and television shows.

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  • TheOsoViejo


    Your tongue in cheek comments only point to the real truth.

    People willing to assault another human with a rock, or a knife, or a car, or anything else don’t worry about gun laws one way or another any more than they do about laws precluding attack on another individual.

    That is unfortunately the sad fact most of our California lawmakers never seemed to get. They mistakenly believe that ‘tough’ gun laws and restrictions upon guns and ammunition are even on the radar of law breaking hoodlums.

  • http://mikealerich@netscape.net Mike

    Absolutely correct ‘Gun Control’ has always been a transparent attempt at Government control of American Citizens.

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