Shootout in El Monte leaves two police officers, bystander and suspect wounded

El MONTE – A man shot two El Monte Police motorcycle officers Friday during a shootout that also ended up with him and a bystander getting hit with bullets.
The two motorcycle officers pulled over a car on Valley Boulevard and Durfee Avenue about 4:30 p.m. when the man started shooting at them, said Lt. Dan Burlingham of the El Monte Police.
One officer was hit in the arm and another was grazed in the torso, Burlingham said.
The officers returned fire, hitting the man in the shoulder, according to Burlingham.
A bystander was shot in the leg, he said.
Burlingham also did not know who shot the bystander, he said.
The man drove off on Durfee toward Elliott Avenue where he crashed and got into a fist fight with a one of the motorists involved in the crash, according to Burlingham.
The man was arrested at the scene after a struggle, Burlingham said.
All four people were hospitalized and were in stable condition, Burlingham said.
He did not immediately know the name of the arrested man or the age or gender of the bystander, he said.

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  • Sounds like the streets of Tijuana. Waiting for more details.

  • Sounds like streets of Tijuana. Waiting to see how this plays out.