Puente 13 — suspected La Eme associates — arrested by feds

Eight suspected members of the Puente 13 street gang were arrested Tuesday morning by federal authorities in a racketeering and drug case.

The feds allege that the group was involved in violent crimes and selling meth to help fund La Eme — the Mexican Mafia.

The 22-count indictment names 17 defendants. Sixteen are charged with taking part in a RICO conspiracy.

“Puente-13, a street gang that was formed in the City of La Puente approximately 60
years ago. Puente-13 claims as its turf a large portion of La Puente, as well as
unincorporated parts of the San Gabriel Valley and portions of nearby cities such as
Hacienda Heights, Walnut and West Covina,” according to U.S. Department of Justice spokesman Thom Mrozek. “The gang is comprised of approximately 600 members and includes at least 14 subsets or ‘cliques.'”

Among those arrested was Rafael Munoz “Cisco” Gonzalez, the group’s alleged kingpin.

“Violent drug gangs continue to wreak havoc within our communities,” said Drug
Enforcement Administration Special Agent in Charge Timothy J. Landrum. “Today’s
arrests send the message that law enforcement will continue to work together to take
back our neighborhoods and get violent drug traffickers and gangs off our streets.”

Four of the defendants in the federal racketeering case are eligible for the death
penalty because of their involvement in the 2006 murder of the rival gang member identified as David Dragna, 44, who was collecting taxes without authorization.
Arrested were Cesar Munoz “Blanco” Gonzalez, 36, of Rowland Heights, Steven “Flaco” Nunez, 30, in state prison, Angel Frank “Smiley” Torres, 34, also in state prison.

“Authorities are continuing to search for two defendants named in the RICO
indictment – Adrian Rodriguez, also known as “Trips”, 25, of Huntington Park; and Henry
Rick Zabala, 40, of La Puente.”

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  • Tammany Fields

    Back when I was small we lived in La Puente from about 68 to 73 the community got so bad we finally had to move. Within 4 yrs. it was completely gang land and a total bario. Very sad !

  • Anonymous

    I currently live in La Puente, and it’s not completely “gang land”. I am an educated adult who has lived in La Puente all her life.Whoever believes this erroneous myth must be completely ignorant!

  • actually i know its shit

    vary dangerious. my cousin was shot many times and killed visiting his grandma in la puente. i wish it would all burn to the ground. who knows, im young i might be the one to do it, god willing.

  • Anonymous

    were not ignorant just real truth is there is so many stupid muthr fukers that kill because thier scared themselves tell me something the big shot callers tell kids to kill and por pendeho’ they do it cause if they dont they will be killed shit if they want the person gone fight like a man a real man, they cant cause they are all scared so they get guns wait until its rafeal or one of his family members pay backs a bitch bitch!!!!!!!!!!death pendelty is what you deserve now these lil boys are in for life or death may god have mercy on your soul bitch

  • brandon

    I miss living in puente.i grew there.but almost everyone that i know moved away..or dead or prison or strung out on tweak.

  • robert gonzales

    i went to a job corps program with david dragna when we were 16 i was hoping to drop a old photo on his face book i never thought i would find him this way