Rioters attack taco truck after Lakers win NBA Championship

Metblogs has put together a by-the-numbers look at the post-game riot/celebration downtown last night.

Among the stats, the attack of a taco truck. Here’s more:


Number of rubbish fires: 15

Number of vehicle fires: 3

Number of shopping cart fires: At least 1.

Number of fatalities: 0

Number of people “beaten unconscious”: At least 1. Think it was a Celtics fan, the poor guy.

Number of arrests: 38

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  • EddieTheHat626

    Great pic! Says it all

  • John Galt

    If there is a ‘next time’ have tip-off at 8:00AM in the morning, daylight, the rioters can’t hide in darkness with black ski-masks and their gang Tats show up better on video. Lose a days work?,that funny, these ‘fans ‘ never worked a day in their life.

  • Californiaiknewisgone.

    The invaders create chaos, as the example in that pic. Viva Arizona!

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