It’s not just drinking that gets Sheriff’s employees in trouble — More from the OIR

Guess what? Besides boozing, brutality, boorishness and belligerence, there’s a fair amount of bimbo chasing going on in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department too.

This little snippet comes from the Office of Independent Review’s Report on misconduct in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department…


Based on an anonymous tip, a local law enforcement agency sent its Vice
Team to an apartment complex alleged to be the location of an illegal
massage parlor and prostitution
ring. While conducting surveillance, the
undercover officers saw a man knock on the apartment door and enter the
residence. Unbeknownst to the Team, the man was a prominent high level
professional Department employee

When the Team entered the apartment, they found two women dressed
in provocative lingerie. The employee was found in a bedroom with
one of the women and he was partially undressed — he had removed his
shoes and outer shirt, but was still wearing pants, a t-shirt and socks.

The employee was immediately ordered to raise his hands, was patted
down then handcuffed and moved to another room while a search of the
apartment was conducted.

In the course of the search, the officers found several thousand dollars
in cash inside the apartment and a large stash of condoms. The officers
interviewed the women and both admitted to exchanging sexual acts for

The employee told the Vice Team that he had been referred to the location
by “a friend”
from the Department and was only there to receive a
massage. During the LASD internal investigation, the employee claimed
to not remember which friend had told him of the “massage parlor.”

Although he disavowed any knowledge of the illegal prostitution business,
he admitted that he may have learned of the apartment address from a
website–which was sexually provocative. Because the employee was not
observed violating any law, the Vice Team ultimately released him. The
local agency then immediately reported the incident to LASD.

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    They need to be re educated on morality….some are having affairs with people they have cited or come across while catching them breaking the law…their own restitution more on a pleasurable note

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