OIR report: Victims allege LA Sheriff’s Deputy is a sex offender

If the tales of drinking and sleeping on duty, sex in county cars (while on duty), visiting a whorehouse (and pretending the purpose of your visit is entirely legitimate) weren’t enough to indicate there are some problem deputies in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, here’s more grist for the mill from the County’s Office of Independent Review’s report issued earlier this week.

This past year, a sergeant was relieved of duty surrounding a criminal
indictment arising out of on duty sexual misconduct allegations. There are three female victims listed in the criminal case. The victims allege the sergeant held them against their will and/or threatened them with a citation if they refused to do as the sergeant requested. One woman also alleges that the sergeant followed her to another location and digitally penetrated her against her will.

This same sergeant, while a deputy, had three administrative cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct. Two of the three cases involved allegations that the deputy was seen “flashing” a woman and young girl and then masturbated while he was home in his garage. The incidents occurred months apart from each other and it does not appear the woman and young girl knew each other.

In the case involving the young girl, her parents, once learning that the man was a
deputy, did not wish to seek criminal action. The Department did, however, conduct
an internal investigation but concluded the case was a “he-said-she-said” and thus,
closed the case as “unresolved.” The woman’s case was pursued criminally but
no charges were filed. Again, the Department investigated the matter internally,
including undercover surveillance of the deputy, but after unsuccessful attempts to
gather new information, the case was inactivated.

Michael Gennaco, who authored the report, offered this analysis:

While all sexual misconduct is problematic, when the acts involve law enforcement officers on duty, it is an egregious misuse of the
awesome power and authority given to them. Further, it potentially stigmatizes all the other officers who zealously and honorably do their job.

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  • Believe it!

    Ask Baca how many of his major executives visit whorehouses. I dare OIR to even ask!