Rowland Heights doctor has license to prescribe drugs suspended

From City News Service:

ROWLAND HEIGHTS — A Rowland Heights osteopathic doctor’s license to prescribe controlled substances was suspended today by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.
DEA special agents and the California Medical Board investigators posed as patients seeking prescriptions for controlled substances during six undercover visits to the office of Hsiu-Ying Lisa Tseng between April 2008 and July 2010, said Timothy J. Landrum, special agent in charge of the DEA’s Los Angeles Field Division.
On five of those occasions, Tseng issued prescriptions for Vicodin, Suboxone and Xanax without taking medical histories and either not conducting a medical examinations or just a cursory one. The prescriptions were often made for no legitimate purposes, Landrum said.
A newspaper reported that the prescriptions may be linked to eight overdoses. Tseng reportedly blamed the patients and their families.
“I really believe I did nothing wrong,” Tseng told a newspaper. “I was really strict with my patients, and I followed the guidelines. If my patient decides to take a month’s supply in a day, then there is nothing I can do about that.”
An administrative hearing will be held before a DEA deputy administrator to determine whether Tseng’s DEA Certification of Registration should be permanently revoked, Landrum said. “Prescription drug abuse continues to rise at a disturbing rate,” Landrum said. “Many obtain these dangerous drugs from doctors prescribing drugs for no medical need. DEA is committed to working together with our state and local counterparts to ensure these few doctors who abuse their authority are not allowed to continue.”

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  • apachendn

    This has been going on for the longest time, I know of one incident in the San Gabriel Valley where a doctor, asian of course, that was giving out prescription drugs like candy. He had a field day with his patient’s and probably made a small fortune. I asked myself, is this legal or just business? Money was the doctor’s motivation and it showed in how many patient’s from out of town were seeing him. Blacks in an asian community, come on, you know something is going on. If the doctor is doing wrong, then give him the appropriate punishment.

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