Man badly injured in crash on 210 Freeway in Glendora

GLENDORA — A three-vehicle crash on the 210 Freeway left a man critically injured Friday, authorities said.
The crash occurred just before 7 p.m. on the westbound freeway, just west of the 57 Freeway, California Highway Patrol Officer Krystal Carter said.
A man estimated to be in his 30s was driving a white passenger van when the vehicle began to drive erratically and swerve across traffic lanes, officials said.
“It sounded like he sounded some type of medical condition, possibly related to diabetes,” Los Angeles County Fire Department Battalion Chief Mike Brown said. The van struck a compact car in traffic, which went off the roadway and caught fire, as well as a pickup truck that was being loaded onto a tow truck along the right side of the road, the chief said.
The driver of the pickup truck, estimated to be in his mid-40s, suffered major injuries including compound fractures to his legs, Brown said. He was flown by helicopter to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center for treatment.
The driver of the van declined to be hospitalized and was being questioned by CHP officers following the crash, officials said.
The driver of the compact car was unhurt and managed to get free of the car before it became well-involved with flames, Brown said.
All lanes of the 210 Freeway, both eastbound and westbound, were shut down briefly as rescuers landed a helicopter on the freeway to take the critically injured person to the hospital, she said.
The eastbound lanes were re-opened after the helicopter picked up the patient, officials said, but only the carpool and left-hand lanes of westbound traffic were open as the investigation continued late Friday.
The cause of the crash was being investigated by the Baldwin Park office of the CHP.

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  • Nobody important

    Do we know what happened to the driver who caused this accident. If it was a medical condition then why was he not taken to the hospital for confirmation? Seems more details about the darn freeway were reported then what happened. He was a man with a family.

  • trying to make sense of this

    The man that is reported injured is no longer with us…My heart goes out to all his family, wife, and children, I am to hurt to and upset to put my thoughts here but I hope the driver is held accountable for the lose this entire family is suffering from.

  • witness to accident

    My husband called 911 b4 the accident.. we followed the van the whole time, watching and reporting to operator.. so sad the police couldnt get to this guy before he did what we feared.. killing someone.. saw the whole acccident.. just so so sad for his family & for their lost. Hope the driver is held accountable.

  • http://Christine Christine

    So Sad I’m at a lost for words the man killed was my uncle Kevin…My family is deeply hurt and distraught…friend as well. We are still trying to get some answers here I don’t understand why the man who cause this tragedy refused medical treatment if you have a medical condition why refuse medical attention why? it sounds to me like he had something to hide…My uncle leaves behind a wife and 2 children Kevin Hr 17 and Kamree 10 please keep us all in your prayers. And for the gentleman who called 911 thank you for doing so it’s just to bad the police didnt come sooner maybe my uncle would still be alive today for those of you who left comments thank you for your concern may God Bless you….

  • Christine

    For the people who called 911 right before the accident occured can you please contact me Christine
    323 321 2675 or my auntie Terry 323 754 5258. We would like to thank you and we also have some questions please call us anytime thank you 🙂
    God Bless

  • An interested party

    To those making comments about the driver… are you diabetic? Have you ever been in a full diabetic reaction? If not… shut it. Have you thought for just one moment that the driver has to live with this extremely tragic occurrence? That maybe they wish every day since it was them dead instead of the man that was killed in the accident? Yes, I completely understand that a family is devastated by this because their loved one has been killed. However, can we, for just one moment, understand that your words of ignorance and inconsideration will be read by the one that has to keep living with it and HIS family?

    And why refuse medical treatment? Again… ever had an insulin reaction? Because if not… shut it. Guess what, I’ve had one that severe, and I kept insisting I felt fine. So that, because I have BEEN THERE, I understand. SO if you haven’t been there? Don’t assume.

    As far as to the family of the victim. You have my deepest thoughts, prayers and condolences. As far as the OTHER victim, you ALSO have my thoughts, prayers and condolences. I pray that both the families and both the victims can experience their grief in all of its parts, heal and move on to live the lives I’ve no doubt the victim would have wanted ALL involved would have wanted.

  • Someone who cares

    Shut it? Really??? If this diabetic adult man was a responsible citizen he would not have been driving if he was in an unacceptable condition to drive. This man should know the cautions of taking his medication. People should take responsibilities for their actions. And by the way, that man is not the victim. ” An interested party” who commented above might want to reconsider who truly must LIVE with this incident and who is in true pain.