Man suspected of striking woman with car on purpose in Pasadena

PASADENA — Officials jailed a local man Sunday after police said he intentionally struck a woman with his SUV on Colorado Boulevard.
Neil Colleran, 38, was booked on suspicion of attempted murder, Pasadena police Lt. Diego Torres said.
The alleged attack took place about 1:45 p.m. in the 3000 block of East Colorado Boulevard, between San Gabriel Boulevard and Sierra Madre Villa Avenue, Lt. Chris Russ said.
“The incident stemmed from an argument that occurred (Saturday) in the same general area,” Russ said. Further details about the previous argument were not available.
After striking the woman, estimated to be in her 30s, with his BMW SUV, Russ said Colleran allegedly continued driving east on Colorado Boulevard.
Police learned a possible license plate number for the SUV and arrested Colleran at his home in Pasadena later Sunday, police said.
The SUV was found parked in the parking lot of a nearby church, Russ said.
The woman was hospitalized with a cut to her head that police described as moderate.
Sunday’s arrest was the second time in two days Colleran has found himself behind bars in the Pasadena Police Department’s jail.
He was arrested by Pasadena officers Saturday evening due to an outstanding misdemeanor warrant, but was released about an hour and a half later, according to police and sheriff’s booking records. It was not clear Sunday what the warrant had been issued for.
According to sheriff’s booking records, Colleran was being held in lieu of $1 million bail. Information regarding his initial court appearance was not available Sunday.

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  • Anonymous

    Sundays events occurred due to lack of protection, fault to the justice system and lazy officers when dealing with Colleran. Husband (Black Male) of the women struck Sunday, attacked Colleran at knife point, Saturday night at Sunshine Liquor store. Police were later notify by Colleran “then victim” that a middle aged Black male attempted to kill him. When police went looking for Black male, he was found living at the Quality Inn on Colorado Blvd.,police also found a knife in his procession. Although clear allegations Black Male was never arrested due to lack of witnesses. Pasadena Police Department offered no protection or justice to Colleran. Colleran later made a phone call to 911 specifically stating: “if i possess a knife and attempt to stab someone, what will happen”.. Officers were quickly dispatched to Colleran’s home and arrested him after Officers obtained a outstanding misdemeanor warrant (unpaid parking ticket from his Boston hometown). Officers were also questioned about prostitution occuring daily on Colorado Blvd. and their response to the matter ” Its County not Pasadena”. Is it ok to attempt to stab an individual or Start a prostitution business??? Goes to show anyone can be attacked on a regular day, and all tables can turn for the worst.

  • l. conore

    So its ok and perfectly legal to hit the wife for what the husband did??? Your purpose for identifying the allege attacker as a Black male IS?? Would it been Better if it had been a White male, Japanese male…you get my point don’t you…maybe Not!! Sounds like another one of those Black woman threw acid in the face of the poor little white girl situation!!!