San Gabriel Mayor resigns following arrest

SAN GABRIEL — Mayor Albert Y.M. Huang Tuesday announced he would resign from office following his arrest on suspicion of robbery, assault and battery.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office today could make a decision on whether to formally charge Huang, officials said.

“I’m confident the truth will … restore my reputation,” Huang said. “The media attention has greatly affected my family.”

Early Friday, Huang argued with a woman over money at a table in New Taste Dumpling House on West Valley Boulevard.

Authorities are not releasing the woman’s name because the case has been classified as domestic violence, but Huang told a Chinese language publication the woman was a girlfriend whom he began seeing when he separated from his wife in 2009.

Police confirmed Huang’s account.

“At one time, they did have a dating relationship,” said San Gabriel police Lt. Darren Perrine. “It wasn’t his wife.”

Witnesses said the argument between the couple began after the woman threw a steamer of dumplings at Huang and he threw vinegar at her. The argument then escalated outside the restaurant.

At some point, Huang allegedly entered his own car with the woman’s purse and keys and attempted to drive away, authorities said.

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