Suspects in Fullerton jewelry store smash-and-grab robbery arrested in Santa Fe Springs

SANTA FE SPRINGS — Whittier police jailed three men at a Santa Fe Springs motel late Thursday suspected in a smash-and-grab jewelry store robbery in Fullerton earlier in the day, authorities said.
Deshawn Coleman, 22, of Los Angeles, Bryant Burnett, 19, of Compton and Lavell Grant, 22, of Lynwood, are suspected in the Thursday’s 4:45 p.m. heist at Fullerton Jewelry Mart, 1475 S. Harbor Ave., as well as auto theft, Fullerton police Sgt. Andrew Goodrich said in a written statement. All are believed to be Los Angeles gang members.
Whittier police spotted a stolen car in the parking lot of the Budget Inn, 13420 East Firestone Blvd. in Santa Fe Springs, about 6:50 p.m. and ultimately arrested the three men on suspicion of auto theft, Whittier and Fullerton police said.
“Detectives determined that the three suspects that Whittier PD officers arrested for auto theft were connected to the earlier robbery at the Jewelry Mart,” Goodrich said.
Whittier officers were on patrol when they noticed Coleman, Burnett and Grant standing near a car with a broken rear window in the motel’s parking lot, Whittier police Lt. Bill Webster said. They had been staying at the motel.
“Officers investigated further and ultimately determined that the car was a stolen vehicle from Los Angeles, but it hadn’t been reported stolen yet,” Webster said.
When Whittier officers entered the license plate number into a police computer system, he said, they learned it matched a description of a getaway car given in the Fullerton robbery.
In the jewelry store robbery, six masked men entered the store through three different doors in teams of two and immediately began smashing jewelry cases open with hammers, Goodrich said.
They helped themselves to jewelry for about 30 seconds, then fled to getaway cars, police added.
During the robbery, Goodrich said, employees of the store turned on the robbers and began pelting them with missiles.
“After the employees realized the suspects were unarmed, the employees began fighting back, throwing stools and other objects at the robbers,” he said.
The other suspects remained outstanding, as well as the majority of the stolen jewelry, police said.
According to sheriff’s booking records, Coleman, Burnett and Grant were released from jail early Friday after posting $35,000, $35,721 and $88,471 bail, respectively.
Anyone with information on the robbery is asked to call Fullerton police Detective Matt Malone at 714-738-6534.

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  • OMG!, Crips still robbing & running?, papers said a few days ago they were all rounded up and in the slammer.
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  • Anybody wonder where these bad boys got the money make bail in just a few hours and get back on the street?