Officials announce sex offender arrests at recent county fairs

From City News Service:

Seventeen sex offenders being monitored by the global positioning system devices were arrested at recent county fairs statewide, including four at the Los Angeles County Fair and six at the Orange County Fair, a prisons spokesperson said.
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation officials said parole agents and local law enforcement monitored sex offenders from June 23 through Oct. 3.
The four arrests at the Los Angeles County Fair were down from 14 in 2009. Statewide, arrests dropped from 35 in 2009, according to prisons officials.
“The decline in arrests in 2010 may indicate sex offenders are getting the message to stay away from public events with children,” said Robert Ambroselli, the head of Parole Operations.
“The 2010 results show that we are keeping sex offenders out of these public events and away from families,” he said. The fairs were also monitored for gang members with GPS devices, but none was detected. California monitors 6,579 sex offenders and 932 high-risk gang offenders, according to the prisons department.

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